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Welcome to the Wood Side of The Wood N Mirror Company
WELCOME to The Wood N Mirror Company. We design and build
hand-crafted furniture. Everything we do is hand-crafted, from picking out the
wood to breathing life into your design.  We create  custom furniture, such as
cocktail tables, dining room tables, bedside tables, armoires, desks, built-in
cabinets, entertainment centers, mirror frames and just about anything else you
want. Because we hand-build each piece to your specifications, everything is
unique. That is one of the many advantages of The Wood N' Mirror Company.

Below are several samples for what we can do with wood. Click on each
picture for a larger image and additional information.  Visit our
Photo Album
for more photos.
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The Wood N Mirror Compant
White Desk
Concave night
Click to see the
Reconstruction of
The Emperor Statue
Large Base Round

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