Crown Moulding Size

Here are some suggestions for choosing your Crown Moulding

If your room ceiling is:
  • 8' and under suggested moulding 3" to 5 3/4" wide
  • 9' to 10' suggested moulding 4 1/4" to 7" wide
  • 10' and higher suggested moulding 7" and more

A good rule of thumb to estimate crown molding width is 1 1/2"
of rise for each foot of ceiling height.

As aways, put up whatever you want in your own space.

All measurements may not be 100% accurate due to detail of frames.  
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Interesting Fun Facts
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Is it Contemporary or Modern?

Modern furniture is plastic, molded and polished metal.  It is
raised off the floor and has very open concept. (1950’s look)

Contemporary is popular now.  It changes with time.  It is the
style today.  Trendy. (2015)
Ever since I painted my kitchen lemon
yellow and tangerine orange I have
gained 5 pounds.

You are not crazy.

It has been proven that warm colors,
like yellow and orange cause people to
eat more.  
Just check out colors in restaurants.
They want you to eat more.
Purple is for royalty.  It is luxurious.  It is wealthy, and
sophisticated. It is also feminine and romantic.  So
use it with confidence and certainty.  There are many
shades of purple. So have fun.
Are you confused about which coffee table you should
buy?  There are 1000's of different sizes, shapes and
colors out there.  

Here are a few helpful hints we put together:
  • For a smaller space consider glass
  • Don't go too tall
  • Warm the space with wood
  • Don't go too long
  • Think color
  • Don't discount metal

Write down the things you like.  Even sketch it out.

After you have looked and looked and are still unsure, call
Click here with your list of thinks you like and things you
do not like and together we will build you the PERFECT
coffee table for you space.
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Complementary colors, as found on Wikipedia, are pairs of
colors which, when combined, cancel each other out. This
means that when combined, they produce black, or if
colored light (rather than pigment) is used, they produce
white.[1] When placed next to each other, they create the
strongest contrast for those particular two colors. Due to
this striking color clash, the term opposite colors is often
considered more appropriate than "complementary colors".

The pairs of complementary colors vary depending upon
whether the colors are physical (e.g. from pigments), or
from light. These change the way in which the color is
made, and therefore change the color model which applies.
For pigments, subtractive colors apply, so the
complementary/opposite color pairs, are red & green,
yellow & violet, and blue & orange. In the RGB color model,
which applies to colors created by light, such as on
computer and television displays, the
complementary/opposite pairs are red & cyan, green &
magenta, and blue & yellow.

Since color printing ink does not produce color by
pigmentation, but instead produces color by masking
colors on a white background to reduce light that would
otherwise be reflected, the same mix for producing black
applies as for light producing white, i.e. the
complementary/opposite pairs are red & cyan, green &
magenta, and blue & yellow.   Found on Wikipedia.
More about color.

Primary Colors are: Red, Blue, Yellow.
  • They are called primary because they
    cannot be made by mixing other colors.

Secondary colors are: Violet, Green, Orange
  • These color are created by mixing
    equal amounts of two primary colors.
It has a face, a toe, a mouth, a frog, a body, and a

Just in case you ever wondered about parts of a
hand plane.
Remodeling and Home Design
5 Great Tips for  Decorating with Mirrors

1. Add a mirror on one of your dinning room walls, for a
touch of elegance.

2. Use mirrors as art work in your office.

3. Add an over-sized mirror in a small room to make it feel

4. Add a large mirror with a hefty decorative frame  over
your sofa.

5. Mirror your closet door from top to bottom.  You will not
only love the full length mirror but the reflect nature with
be lavishing.
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Do you say Nightstand or Bedside table?

This might change your wording.

Today, the word nightstand or bedside table is a small table
or cabinet designed to stand beside a bed. It is used to set
lamps, clocks, books, phones etc by your bed. But you
already know that. Right?

Here is the word changing fact:

Before indoor plumbing, the main function of a "nightstand"
was to house a chamber pot.  Commode is another term
sometimes given to such cabinets.

So, now, do you say Nightstand or Bedside table?
Ever had a song stuck in your head all day?

Grab a stick of chewing gum.

Researchers found that the repetitive jaw motion can
clear your brain of lyrics.
(The Quarterly Journal of Experimental
Is that an Antique or is it Antiqued?
So what is the difference in Antique and Antiqued?

Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary
Antique means this: "existing since or belonging to
earlier times."

Ok, we all knew that, right?  

So what is

According to Google, because the Merriam-Webster
dictionary did not like
antiqued, Google says,
Antiqued means this: "make (something) resemble
antique by artificial means."

Oh right, we knew that too, right?
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Shoe Shine Box Transformation

A month before Father's Day, a lady called us and
wanted to know if we could repair and laser
engrave her husband's, father's shoe shine box.
From drab to fab!
Shoe Shine Box Before
Shoe Shine Box After